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01 Dec '15

Looking like a pumpkin made this Rescue dog come to life

We came across this heartwarming story of Fiesta, a rescue dog on the internet. She's shy and afraid of nearly anything but comes to life wearing clothes. 

We had this very same experience with our own Rescue dog Gilby. All our girl needed was much love, warm bed, full tummy and a wardrobe (which her new sister Rose had to sponsor in the beginning...Rose is a little fashionista and the face of Doggie Hillfigher with a wardrobe to die for). These days Gilby can be seen wearing the latest doggie fashion and even modelling for Doggie Hillfigher.  

Gilby Before:
Gilby Before

Gilby Now:

Gilby & Rose:

Rose & Gilby

The fashionista herself; Rose:


And in other news.....here's a pic of the washing these 2 and their 2 brothers can generate...


We would love to hear stories of your Rescue pets. Please share. 

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