To ensure a proper fit of all our products each item has a sizing guide at the bottom of the product page. Use the following measurement guides to guarantee a proper fit.


TOOLS: Use a soft material tape measure or a piece of wool or string
NECK: Measure the entire circumference at the base of the neck (all the way around). 
CHEST: Measure the entire circumference of the chest directly behind the front legs (all the way around)
LENGTH: Measure from the base of the neck to just before the start of the tail. Note: For animals with longer bodies like pictured, the fit will be in order as long as the neck and chest measurements match the size you have chosen. 

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TOOLS: Use a wooden plastic or metal ruler.
Note: When taking this measurement apply a bit of pressure to the paw as to mimic the animal putting weight on it - this is VERY important to insure a good fit.
WIDTH: Measure the entire width of the toes from the right side of the right toe to the left side of the left toe. 
LENGTH: Measure the entire length of the foot from in front of the toenail to just behind the cushion.