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Pet Fashion for Discerning Animals - Worldwide Shipping


In life muses present themselves in a multitude of forms. For the Doggie Hillfigher family she was born on 4 May 2006 and came into the world as a miniature Dachshund. By the time we got her from the backyard breeder at eight weeks old, she was still a tiny 300 gram worm infested little puppy with a terrible eye infection and little chance of survival. Our family Vet confirmed that he had never seen such a bad case of worm infestation, but in the end we were able to save her life with his help.

Rose had an attitude from the onset, snapping and barking with a glass shattering pitch whenever Axel her older brother came near. She soon became the little princess in the house and due to her size and poor development onset by early malnutrition she had very little body hair, resulting in her always shivering and wanting to cuddle up close for warmth. Mommy decided that it was time for our little princess to get a cozy wardrobe to help alleviate the shivering and keep her warm when she was playing in the garden. We knew that our little princes's taste was for fashion and that simply staying warm in ugly fleece sweaters would just not be acceptable. After visiting everything from supermarkets to vet shops in and around Johannesburg we still had no wardrobe for our little princess, so Mommy decided to start importing and distributing pet fashion!

Soon Rose's wardrobe looked pretty impressive, but there was something missing - mommy and daddy's creative touch. This was quickly remedied when our then infant company was approached to do the second annual Wow and Wag celebrity charity fashion show with a brief to dress 20 dogs of tiny to massive breeds with one-off haute couture. We promptly purchased a sewing machine and over-locker and started studying animal design. A lot of late nights and several meters of scrapped material eventually led to a very successful fashion show and a return invitation for the following years until the last event in 2010. 

Today all Doggie Hillfigher garments are designed in house, and our little princess has her very own fashion label! Rose continues to inspire us on a daily basis in and around the Doggie Hillfigher headquarters and at home where mommy and daddy is always talking about what Rose will be wearing next season.