The Doggie Hillfigher brand was created in 2007 by Angie Kemp, when she could not find anything but unsightly fleece clothing to keep her baby girl Rose, a miniature smooth coat black and tan dachshund warm. There was nothing on offer in the lines of stylish clothing and nothing that you would call Couture, so she decided that it was time to establish the brand that would change that.

Since then Doggie Hillfigher has grown into a South African household name, and the brand of choice for world's most loved four legged children, often supplying the fortunate four-paw-kids of prominent news makers and celebrities. 

We are passionate about our clients and want each and everyone of them to be a testimony of the fulfillment of our promise - "Putting the Dog in Catwalk".

The Doggie Hillfigher Insignia

Our Insignia forms part of the design of any Signature product and is the hallmark of our brand promise "Putting the Dog in Catwalk".  

Sub Brands

As a premium fashion label we hold several sub brands in order to clarify our product offering to you - our discerning client:

Our couture range of garments, collars and accessories is the foundation of the Doggie Hillfigher brand and is the origin of our promise “Putting the Dog in Catwalk”. Designed to be fashionable, yet fun and suitable for daily use, this range is both beautiful and hard-wearing. In true fashion style this range is updated seasonally.

Afrique by Doggie Hillfigher marks our venture into couture inspired by African textures, sights and colors. We proudly debut this range with a collection of faux animal print collars.

Catoure by Doggie Hillfigher caters for our feline friends. From Cool Cats to Aristo-cats we have fashion to suit every attitude!

Taking our love for man’s best friend to a sporty level, the Doggie Hillfigher designers sought to introduce a range of products to enhance the man / animal training experience, whilst still “Putting the Dog in Catwalk”.