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Pet Fashion for Discerning Animals - Worldwide Shipping

02 Sep '15

Doggie Hillfigher goes out on the town in Las Vegas


The @doggiehillfigher team is very excited to anounce that resident Las Vegas Fashionista - Mermaid in Heels has posted a blog featuring her pooch Kona wearing our Regal Noir jacket for U.S. National Dog Day, following in his very beautiful mommy's footsteps by entering the Doggie Hillfigher world of #puttingthedogincatwalk. Mermaid in Heels also gives a brief review of our website and her experience with our WORLDWIDE shipping.

We are so happy for her praises:

"I read somewhere that certain dog breeds reflect certain facets of their owners' personalities. I think my love for fashion reflects a lot on Kona.I was so ecstatic to be collaborating with Doggiehillfigher. As I browsed their site, I saw so many awesome clothes and accessories that I know Kona would look amazing in." Read More...

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