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29 Jul '15

Days of our lives ~ 20-25 July 2015

Posted by Angie Kemp in days of our lives

Have you ever wondered what our dog-rectors get up to? Here at the Doggie Hillfigher office it's not just all about working hard; most of the time we try and not take ourselves too seriously. 

Special kind of sleeping....


Morning looks...... This is Gilby by the way; she's our adopted child with questionable genes. 

Doggie washing....

Picnic time (waiting for Daddy)....

Then of course there's the excitement of holding our brand new dog collars in our hands for the very first time. That moment when you feel your heart smile and you feel so proud. 

Dog collars are everywhere. Everyone tries their hardest to make the best dog collars in the industry. I have to tell you, ours are truly exquisite, and just like all moms think they have the prettiest baby, we think we have the prettiest dog collars. 

World, meet the Doggie Hillfigher candy dog collars:


You can view the full range of dog collars Here


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