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06 Jun '16

A Glimpse of our Lives

Posted by Angie Kemp in days of our lives, happiness
We would like to share a little glimpse of our daily lives with you. So many times you speak to someone over the phone or email, and you wonder what they are really like, what do they do in their pass time, what's their dreams, are they happy, are they married, what are they making for dinner, what dogs do they have and are they crazy like us and speak to their pets etc.

Here's a glimpse of our lives....Please do share yours with us too

On the 12th of March Gilby celebrated her 5th birthday. We invited her friends Duncan & Tessa to party with her at our clubhouse. 
            Gilby Bday Party
The DH humans decided to take a mini break in the beautiful Mpumalanga. This part of our country is really so amazing. We took along our Godchildren, Ethan (7) and Stellan (4.5) and headed off to "Robyn Hoods" cabin in the woods (well that's what we told them) 

Long Tom Pass                                Ethan & Wilhelm
            Long tom passEthan & Wimpie

Stellan after 20 "are we there yet?"                 ....this happened
Our spot was always the local dog's hang out place

Our dogs can be quite dramatic when it gets cold...they must think they are all going to die...here's Gilby, Rose and Slash cuddling with their blanky and looking very sorry for themselves

In other news.....Slash is still keen on learning about computers....he however still has a pee problem
slash working   slash nappy

Axel being his unimpressed self.....              
Rose celebrated her 10th bday on 04 May (check the little photo bomber bottom left)                                                                     

Back to humans.....Ethan did his first mountain bike race on 29 May and he won!!!!! So proud of our little man
ethan won

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our lives....remember to shop dog clothes, dog collars & dog harness here 

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