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31 Mar '16

A feel good true story - From Sidewalk to Catwalk - a rescue dog's amazing second life!

Posted by Wilhelm Kemp

When we found Gilby listed on the regional SPCA's (NSPCA to our US readers) website, she had been with them for three months and the staff had taken pity on her as she was afraid and depressed to the extent that she would regularly not eat and had lost a third of her bodyweight. She had been abandoned over the December holidays in 2012 and it was now early March 2013. The staff described her as friendly and submissive with a background of abuse. That was it, the Doggie Hillfigher Crew was off to the SPCA to go and meet their new sister thereby adding the fourth member to our Guns 'n Roses homage named crew (Pictured below from left to right) - Axel (spelled different - yes because Dad wrote it wrong on his vet card...) Rose, and Slash. 

Axel Rose and Slash

On her ride home Gilby was docile and seemed scared. It was a warm sunny day so newly adopted Dad decided to open the car's window and let in some air. Gilby flinched and tried to jump to the front of the car but then suddenly her demeanor changed as if realizing the rushing air had potential for enjoyment. This resulted in her Instagram debut photo wearing her first piece of Doggie Hillfigher apparel - our SPORT HARNESS & LEAD SET IN PINK .


So with this speedy induction into our world of Style, Fashion and Social Media, her brand new life was off to a great start! Next up was the makeover... Dad used (and still uses) a ANDIS ACG clipper to shave her - the optional ceramic blade stays cool to increase comfort and ease wide eyed "victims" of grooming.

Once done with grooming she promptly received some secretive fashion advice from her new sister Rose...

And was then formally inducted as part of the Doggie Hillfigher family with stylish new wardrobe items and fun chew toys...

New wardrobe options

Using one of her many expressions to enter and WIN a competition! Her prize was a DNA profiling test to determine her breed composition - keep any eye on Doggie Hillfigher's Facebook page for an upcoming competition to guess Gilby's breed profile... 


Enjoying Mom's homemade peanut butter treats on her birthday (decided to be the day she was adopted) whilst wearing her favorite leather stud collar (Recipe in the comments of this instagram post).

Cookie Time

Regularly going for fun drives whilst ALWAYS standing tallest...

Car Rides

And even getting a job modeling for Doggie Hillfigher!

Gilby's adopted parents can't imagine why she was abandoned, and are simply grateful for the opportunity to have the company of such a beautiful little creature. She embodies a joyful existence and it rubs off on everyone. Our world is vastly improved for having her in it.

The Doggie Hillfigher team decided to dedicate this blog post to Tim Ferriss for inspiring us to create Doggie Hillfigher as our muse business, thereby enabling us to have a life surrounded by beautiful four legged children and daily smiles. In addition we conclude that Tim probably shares our feeling since having Molly to turn his life upside down in her own way!

Who knows what joyful adventure awaits dog loving humans at their local animal shelter - there are cages full of joy just waiting for a home to bloom in. Go and see! We did and the results are clear!

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